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Share my passion

My name is Kirill Simov. I have been a passionate barista since 2013.

How it all began...

My love of coffee began during a holiday in Italy. After a delicious pizza, I ordered a coffee. To my surprise, I was served an espresso. I looked at the tiny cup made of white, thick-walled porcelain with interest. The nut-brown crema provided an amazing contrast to the cup. So I took a sip of coffee, which was an espresso. For the first time, I experienced a pleasant combination of the balanced acidity and the strong coffee flavour.

The realisation

It was new to me, even though I had been working in the coffee industry for years. Looking back, I realised that there was little else like it in Germany. Enthusiastic and fascinated by the complex flavour and balance of the drink, I set myself a goal at that point: I wanted to take this pleasure home with me - and not just for myself - and introduce it to other coffee lovers and those who want to become one. I had to learn more than just pressing a button and waiting for the perfect coffee. I realised that both the coffee bean and the person who prepares the drink with enthusiasm and attention to detail are crucial for the perfect result.


This realisation led me on the path I have been following ever since. All in all, I have been studying the subject of coffee since 2008. I have been studying the preparation methods and the right proportions of the coffee drink extensively. This includes knowledge about the coffee bean from the plant to harvesting and roasting to the cup. At the same time, I devote a lot of time to deepening my knowledge of the technical parameters (temperature, degree of grinding). This serves to create the optimum conditions for espresso and other coffee specialities.


Continuous learning stands for my professional development! My thirst for knowledge matures the more I learn and acquire about all things coffee. I completed the training courses: SCAE Level 1 and Level 2 Barista Skills as well as the sensory training successfully. I began to deepen my knowledge and skills through several workshops. Eventually, the idea of a mobile coffee bar was born. Share my passion! Let me serve you a cup of coffee and let's enjoy coffee together.

Year 2020 - major expansion

Kaffee Simov was allowed to develop further in 2020 and discover technology for itself. I've always been fascinated by technology and the inner workings of coffee machines. 2020 has given me the time to finally establish and deepen this area.

And now we can proudly announce: Kaffee Simov now also does technology (of course only as a supplement to catering) and repairs coffee machines. We have also cooperated with leading coffee machine manufacturers so that we can offer you better solutions for your needs. We also have something new on offer for catering and commercial customers: leasing for large orders.